Paintball, Putt-Putt Golf, Golf Range & Academy

Martin City Golf Center – Home of the Robin Nigro Golf Academy

Martin City Golf Center is your local Golf and Recreation Supercenter! Our new huge facility was rated as the Top 100 New facilities in Golf Digest.

We offer Golf Instruction, Equipment Sales, Driving range, Batting cages, and Miniature golf! So far the greatest Asset of Martin City Golf Academy is the massive Double Decker Enclosed Driving Range. Our Convenient location is just 5 minutes south of I-435 in South Kansas City.

Martin City Golf Academy is the home of  the Robin Nigro Golf Academy.We have plenty of space for all golf instruction including some amazing indoor instruction area.

If you are thinking of buying golf clubs then Martin City Golf Academy is your first stop!  Bert Benjamin, head of sales and club fitting has been rated the Top 100 club fitters in America by Golf Digest. So if you want to make sure that you not only find every club you could think of, our club fitters are the best in America and will only make sure you are buying what is a good fit for your golf game!