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Inside every player with a passion for the game a better golfer waits to tee it up. You know it’s true. After every round you look back on moments where strokes could (and should) have been saved.

Our mission at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy is take you to this next level not just for a few rounds but until you’re ready for the level after that.

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Robin Nigro

Born and raised in the Kansas City area, one of Kansas City’s perennial finest female athletes, Robin didn’t take up golf until she was 23. Yet, within two years she was playing the Futures Mini Tour. She qualified for the Women’s U.S. Open in 1993, qualified twice for the finals of the LPGA qualifying school and finished fifth out of 200 contestants in 1996. Robin enjoyed the competition but not being away from home, which is why she’s devoted her time to being the best golf instructor she can be.

“The greatest thing about Robin, as an instructor, is her incredible patience. In my case, she understands what I want to get out of the game. Knowing that I don’t have great length off the tee, she helps me focus on my chipping and putting. She doesn’t overwhelm me with highly technical or difficult instruction. Robin makes becoming a better play fun and simple. In fact, my husband also took lessons from Robin and is also a better golfer for it as well.”
- Mary Ann W., Kansas City, MO

Email Robin: [email protected]
Call for an appointment: (816) 942-0505

Mark Nigro

One of Kansas City’s most popular golf instructors, Mark provides over 1300 lessons a year from his base at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy. Just how good is Mark? Well, it was Mark who taught Robin who, shortly after, qualified for the U.S. Open and made it to the finals of the LPGA Q-School after only five years of playing golf.

“I’ve taken lessons from over 15 different instructors over the past 10 years, including instructors considered to be among the tops in the country, and Mark has been – by the far – the finest. He improved my handicap by better than 30%. He not only helps with the fundamentals but also with the intangibles. His style, demeanor and skills at helping me improve my mental approach the game has made a world of difference when it comes to how much I enjoy each and every round. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants to learn to play the game better and enjoy it more.”
- Ernie S., Kansas City, MO

“I’ve only been playing for a couple of years and Mark showed incredible patience with me. Rather than try and overwhelm me with instruction about the entire game, he took his time and focused on different aspects. In no time I went from a mid 20′s handicap to finally breaking into the teens. I hit more fairways and am showing improvement each and every time I play. The game is a lot more fun for me since taking lessons from Mark.”
- Jon S., Kansas City, MO

Email Mark: [email protected]
Call for an appointment: (816) 942-0505

Chris Cone

Chris Cone has been in the business of golf for 15-years. His background includes everything from equipment sales to club fitting to working as an assistant pro at several different courses and clubs in the Kansas City area.

Five of his ‘years in the business’ have been spent here at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy. Under the tutelage of both Robin and Mark Nigro, Chris has matured into an excellent instructor who stresses the fundamentals of grip, set-up, posture and ball position. Time spent with Chris will result in a pure, natural golf swing.

“I played with Chris in Florida a couple of years ago. After struggling to get off the tee on the first three holes I asked Chris for some pointers. He explained the set up to me and after making a few adjustments I hit the ball further and straighter with less effort.”
- Reggie Jackson, New York Yankees

“After my baseball career I was really looking forward to playing more golf. I soon developed a huge banana ball that would slice 100 yards. I decided to see my brother at the Robin Nigro Golf Academy. After making a few simple adjustments to my grip I’m now hitting the ball further than my teacher. Thanks bro.”
- David Cone, New York Yankees

Email Chris: [email protected]
Call for an appointment: (816) 942-0505

Bert Benjamin

A former attorney who molded himself into one of Kansas City’s finest amateur players, Bert Benjamin is today considered one of the finest club fitters in the country and is a PGA Associate. Recognized by Taylormade, Ping and Mizuno as such, no one in the area can make sure that you’re carrying the right sticks, from shaft to loft to grip, better than Bert. Click here for more information on custom club fitting.

“I told Bert that I wasn’t looking for clubs that would work with how I should swing but with how I did swing. He understood immediately. An easy going, very knowledgeable and patient man, Bert worked with me on the range to make sure that I got precisely the clubs I needed to help me get to the next level. He told me to expect to hit my irons a club longer and he was right. And talk about service. I needed my new clubs for an upcoming trip to Florida and Bert got them to me on time with the exception of two wedges which he had air freighted to me in Florida in time for my game.”
- Mike F., Kansas City, MO

Email Bert: [email protected]
Call for an appointment: (816) 942-0505

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