What is Custom Fitting?

Custom fitting is the process of determining the proper golf equipment to match the player’s swing tendencies so as to maximize his or her performance and enjoyment of the game of golf. Bert fitting a customer for their perfect golf clubs

How Does It Work?

At the Robin Nigro Golf Academy, award-winning and Kansas City’s most noted club fitter, Bert Benjamin, conducts an initial interview during which we identify the current specifications of the golfer’s equipment and any likes or dislikes of that equipment. We also discuss current ball flight and what changes are desired to improve the distance and direction.
The next step is to go outside on the driving range where a Doppler Radar launch monitor can track ball flight front the point of impact providing the empirical data of launch angle, ball spin rate, ball speed, and club head speed. Bert Benjamin has all of the top golf manufacturers’ fitting systems, including Ping, Titlist, TaylorMade, Mizuno and Callaway. With Benjamin’s expertise and guidance, the golfer tests different clubs with different specifications to compare the current club to the results obtained from the others.

Benjamin’s passion is to achieve the proper specifications to maximize a person’s golf performance. Once he has determined the optimum launch angle, ball spin, club head speed and ball speed, he can order the right club. A properly fitted golf club allows players to swing in a normal fashion producing a longer, straighter and more consistent golf shot.

This protocol represents a systematic approach, utilizing all of the most modern tools and technology and expertise to achieve the ultimate objective, LOWER SCORE.

What’s the Cost? Driver or Irons Fitting is $125 . A Driver through Putter Fitting is $200. We apply 50% of the fitting fee to the purchase if completed in thirty days!

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