Are you ready for the greatest driving range in Kansas City? Martin City Golf Center also known as Robin Nigro Golf Academy is serious about your golf game! So how do we prove that we are serious? Martin City Golf Center has created one of the largest and best driving facilities in Kansas City! Featuring a massive 28 person Double Decker Driving Range with HEATED stalls! This is absolutely an awesome place to practice your game ALL season long.

While the Double Decker is Amazing for practicing at different elevations or if the weather is bad but what if your practice requires a more realistic playing atmosphere? Martin City Golf Center offers a driving range with a ton of natural turf to hit from and get that on course feel while you practice.
Tired of hitting to random posts or even worse, incorrectly measured markers? Martin City’s Driving Range offers Target nets with accurate numbers!

The Driving Range also includes realistic short game practice areas as well as bunkers to work on all areas of your short game. Martin City Golf Center also has a massive putting green indoor and outdoor!Coming out after work is a great time to shine under our lights. The lights at our Range offer you the ability to practice late into the night!

Want to make your practice a game? Play the range game and you could win prizes!

Come get yourself a range pass TODAY and get ahead of your golf game this year!
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